Chip Lang - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Around seven or eight years old, after hearing Bits and Pieces by the Dave Clark Five, I started taking drum lessons. My dad agreed to buy me a drum, as long as I kept my promise to play it. I did. Then I turned the brass bed rails into a form of cymbals. After a very stern (and I mean very stern) lecture on not to do this anymore, I got my first drum set, and played them for the next 10 years.

I got into a few high school bands. One day at a practice session, in which I was playing drums, I made a suggestion and was told, "Shut up. You're just a drummer." I decided right then and there that by the end of that weekend, I would be able to prove my suggestion was right. So I borrowed my next door neighbor's Sears Decca guitar and learned the three chords I needed to show them what I was talking about - and have never put the guitar down since. I have a very good sense of rhythm and a natural ability to hear and figure out songs which I like to share. I've worked hard on learning all the chords but can't read music notes. Show me a chord once and it's done - won't have to show me again! I'm cool like that.

After many years of playing with myself, so to speak, I ran into Mike LaBranche. We talked, started a band again (we'd played together in high school once or twice), and after running through a number of try outs, attitudes, and some drama - the usual band crap - we seem to have members now that get along and love to play.

The name Chippy & The YaYas was bestowed on my brother-in-law and I back in 1969. He stopped to ask us what we were doing and we replied, "We're playing at the Town Hall!" He replied, "So Chippy & The YaYas are playing tonight? Woo hoo!" It kinda stuck. It's a really funky name and laughable. I'll give Edward Archambault full credit for that!

Mike LaBranche - Rhythm Guitar

At the age of nine, I was watching the Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles first appeared and it changed me forever. I started a relationship with music that continues to this day. I always wanted to be like John, laying down the rhythm for a band. My parents hooked me up with an individual named Louis "Bezou" Chantre. He taught me the basics of the guitar and “Bezou” helped me to become the player I am today. From that first bar chord on the electric guitar, I was hooked.

Growing up during that period there were a few bands in the area. I remember We The People, The Prime Reasons, The Spectacles and The Spectras to name a few. I wanted to be just like them. My first band was known as The Company and we were three kids, playing two guitars and two mics through one amp. During high school there were other bands I participated in and enjoyed every minute of playing.

After high school, work and other things occupied my time and soon there was no room for music. For the next 30+ years I was a husband, father, coach and employee for a local beverage company. By the way, did I mention that the girl I married, Debbie Howcroft, was a niece to Louis “Bezou” Chantre? Kids are grown, life started to slow down so I connected with a former bandmate, Chip Lang, and wondered if we could get together again to see if we could make music once more. Since that time in 2008 we have grown to the current line up and are doing what we were doing 30+ years ago - makin’ music.

Mike "Pipes" Lang - Vocals

I was born in 1989. That makes me the youngest of the YaYas. It was always known in the town of Newmarket that my dad, Alaric C Lang, was a really good singer, if not a great singer. (Little side note - he was also in a band with my uncle Chip called The East Coast Band. Funny how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh?) My sister, Rachel Lang, could belt like no other. But no one knew that little Michael Lang could sing or hold a note. By the age of eleven I'd really started to understand music and how the lyrics and melody could keep your head held high and your spirit free. Being brought up in the Lang household, I was always surrounded by the music stylings of Elvis, The Righteous Brothers, Michael Bolton, and others.

I always heard my dad sing, and being only four years behind my sister in high school, I saw her win talent show after talent show - with my dad and by herself. It wasn't until 2006 that I got my chance to sing in front of a full gym. It was a memorial concert for my cousin, Derek Allen Johnson. After the event people were telling me what a good job I did and that I should do some singing. I credit Derek with bringing me out of my shell and helping me perform. I'd always grown up around music wether it was with my dad or my uncle Chip (who always played the guitar in front of me or showed me pieces of different songs) or going to see my uncle Bruce's band, The Spectra. In 2008, the year I graduated from high school, the first coming of the YaYas began.

At the time, it was just a four guy band made up of me, Chip Lang, Walt Archambault, and Matt Trial. We played at the Stone Church. We disbanded after that and I went to West Virginia to attend Marshall College. It was a short visit but, while down there, I got a phone call from my uncle Chip who had been contacted by Mike LaBranche about reforming Chippy & The YaYas. I couldn’t wait! I was excited about the news and had loved playing in the band with my uncle before (seeing as it was a dream to play with a guy I'd always looked up to, I knew I couldn’t turn this shot down!) We went through our troubles with members coming and going but now have a tight nucleus now. The band and I have been through a lot.

Being in Chippy & The YaYas, I've gotten to do a lot of things on my wish list. One thing that really stands out and that is really quite a great feat was that I finally got to open for The Spectras - a band I've loved since the first time I saw them play - at The Legion in 2009. Can you say DREAM COME TRUE! Thank you, Spectra! Also, thank you to the YaYas. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of guys and thank you for letting me be one of the originals. I'm still here and still love being the front man of Chippy & The YaYas.

And to Tammy Lang (yes, YaYas, that’s my mommy) thank you for always believing in me and loving my voice. I couldn't ask for a better supporter.

Doc Warnock - Bass, Cowbell

First rock n' roll song I heard was What'd I Say by Ray Charles cranking thru a transistor radio in 1958. I got a Sivertone six string and started banging out Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Played in a couple of college bands - Axilla and the Huns, and Fallopian and the Tubes (as a Tube). When the bass player ran into a substance abuse issue, I picked up his crappy Dan Electro bass and never looked back. Played with Eden's Children on their first record but when I saw how the music biz started to screw people up (this was the sixties, ya know) I chose another career path for the next 30 years.

I started playing again with a friend from Virginia with some of the guys from Molly Hatchet in a band called the Southern Rock Allstars as one of their many rotating bass players. But one gig a year wasn't really enough. Did some jamming with a friend named Chuck Matses and got the fever again. Then a Craigslist post by Chip Lang grabbed me. Been having a blast with Chippy & The YaYas since then. Long live rock n' roll!

Buddy Brown- Drums

I began playing drums at the age of twelve, and in my early teen years I played with local bands The Night Riders, where we won 3rd place in the community auditions. Other bands I played with were The Electras, Bobby and the Decades, and The Seventeens. I joined the Spectras in 1966 and was their main drummer until the band retired in 2014 after 50 years of entertaining. At the age of 16, in 1966 through 1968 the Spectras was the house band for the Hampton Beach Casino. We played four nights a week all summer and opened up for acts like The Doors, Janis Joplin, Vanilla Fudge, The Turtles, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, and the Young Rascals to name a few. To this day I still play the same set of Rogers drums that my parents bought for me in 1964!

I was influenced by drummers Dino Dinelli of the Young Rascals, Buddy Rich, and Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge. I’m a big fan of the Turtles, Sly and the Family Stone, and the Kinks. I especially like watching other drummers and bands that obviously love what they are doing.

I’ve known Chip Lang of Chippy & The YaYas for over 45 years. So, when he asked me to join the band, I was excited to be back playing and I love the music that the band plays. The guys in the band love what they are doing and they make it a lot of fun. I look forward to many years playing.

I am especially thankful for the opportunity my parents gave me and for their encouragement in pursuing my lifelong love of playing the drums.